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Unite! is a strategic, dynamic and inclusive European University Alliance of innovation, technology and engineering, based on shared values, a common vision and mutual trust. 

Unite! commits to being a strong driving force for technology and innovation that will train the experts that drive the digital and green transition.  

The alliance consists of nine universities that connect entrepreneurial, innovative European regions that have good economic prospects. 

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Our Focus Areas

Unite! stands out​ for transformative transdisciplinarity that draws from engineering, science and the full range of multidisciplinarity of its member universities.  As an alliance, Unite! will strengthen its leadership in its four distinctive focus areas: 

We work through strategic long-term cooperation, to build a strong and inclusive community.

Unite!’s ambition​ is to realise excellence in education, research and innovation by creating unique new opportunities for students, academics, staff and further ecosystem partners

We do

Being rooted in top-level cross-European Universities, Unite! will reform the educational offerings, research environment, student life and always consider their impact on society at local and regional levels. 

Collaboration and co-creation are at the core of everything we do in Unite! So find your programme, group, project or partner, because you're not that far from being part of Unite! Or perhaps you're already a Uniter!

Joint teaching

Pedagogical trainings

Collaboration opportunities 

Mobility for all

Unite! Seed Fund opportunities

Joint research and innovation

Common research agenda

Shared infrastructures and services

Promotion of open science practices

Matchmaking events

Unite! Seed Fund opportunities

Student mobility

Virtual and blended courses

Summer and winter schools

Joint Master's programmes

Extra-curricular activities


Diversity, inclusion and community building

Unite! Seed Fund opportunities

Unite!'s transformative


Unite! is committed to long-term collaboration and progressive integration. In order to turn this vision into a reality, its macro-objectives for 2030 focus on building effective cooperation, a strong community, innovative teaching and learning opportunities and a trans-European campus.

Impact on the Unite! community

Transforming the experience of university students who will go on to become global professionals.

Innovating in teaching and learning by fostering new ways of researching and networking between faculty members.

Creating and strengthening the international university staff community to improve the services that Unite! offers to all stakeholders involved.

Impact on European society

Creating a curriculum that addresses the needs of European society in the 4 areas of Unite! (sustainable energy, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and entrepreneurship)

Training future European citizenry and making them aware of social needs with both knowledge and experience on the ground.

Integrating social and scientific innovation to improve public policies and societies.

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